Interpretation Panels

Interpretation Panels & Bookcase for the Marble Hall

The aim of this project was to design, build and fit the following art deco influenced interpretation panels for the iconic Grade ll Listed building, known as Marble Hall. The interpretation panels are located in the following areas:
•1 freestanding panel in reception adjacent to the staircase on the right hand side.
•1 freestanding panel in reception in the raised niche which incorporates bookcase shelves to hold a maximum 40 books.
•1 panel wall mounted in the café
•1 freestanding panel in the Boardroom
•A series of wall mounted panels depicting the time line of Rolls-Royce on the wall at the top of the galleried staircase.
The freestanding panels are ‘moveable’ in design and function.
All interpretation panels including the time line are co-ordinated in design as we are looked for a creative approach to the work.

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